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To manufacture trash bags with the highest possible mix of post consumer plastic material.

Closing Cycles

The use of post consumer plastics allows us to close environmental cycles.

Product Sustainability

Significantly improving the mix to higher use of recycled raw materials. Also packaging made with recycled materials.

As a result, the Team developed GREAT VALUE TERRA made out of 65% of recycled PE (44% out of post-consumer).

A Self – Sustainable and Eco – Efficient Business

How can we reduce our requirements from the environment?

  • Water consumption – Recycled.
  • Public sewage – No discharges.
  • Electricity source – Renewable.
  • Raw materials – Recycled from consumer.

Sustainable Servi-Bolsa

Comercializadora Cantú works proactively to benefit the environment.

There is a global trend for a “clean environment”.

There are concerns regarding the pollution damage made by plastic bags, mainly caused out of bags given away in stores to shoppers.


  • Plastic bag pollution.
  • Plastic bags threat to marine life.
  • Plastic bags bans.